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Eplastech provides plastic injection molding solutions ranging from Rapid Injection Molding to Mass Production Molding. With Eplastech, you have options of running your product molding to fit your program requirements no matter how large or small. We offer custom injection molding, insert molding, and over-molding with 24 hours running per day.

Eplastech has a three-step process to guarantee the molding quality:

※ Visual inspection is performed by our trained operator on every part of the mold, the bug or failed part will be picked off in this process.

※ Parts will be randomly inspected by our QA personnel at the molding scene every hour to make sure the molding is stable and meet the quality requirement.

※ The acceptable parts will be boxed, counted, and our quality control department will inspect them once again, and the count is verified also. After all those processes, the parts are ready for shipping.

The molding material that we are involved in includes ABS, PC, POM, PVC, PP, PS, TPE, TPU, PMMA, Nylon, Nylon with glass fiber, PTFE, PPS, Ultem, etc.
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