• Injection Molding
  • Pump Cover Production:
     · Part name: Pump Cover
     · Part name: Zytel 70G35HSL NC010
     · Part weight: 3.7kg
     · Part size: Dia325x170mm
     · Other: 8 pieces stainless steel 316 thread nut
     · Molding press: 1000 Ton
     · Mold size: 500x600x541mm
     · Cycle time: 7mins

    Main Challenges:
     · Part weight is 3.7kg, the average thickness 12mm, the part cannot have air bubbles etc bugs
     · Part need to pass safety test: under 15 bars of water pressure and keep at least 10 mins without leaking, destructive test higher than 25 bars
     · Complicated machining details after molding and the machining need to be very accurate according to the technical drawings.

    Our Solution:
     · We used extremely of the press to inject the part with proper speed and pressure to make sure the part will have a weight of 3.7kg, this will
         make sure molded parts have good quality and have no air bubbles within.
     · Special test jigs were prepared for safety testing and destructive testing. This is a critical test for the molded parts quality judgment.
     · Lot of special jigs were made for the molded parts CNC lathe machining, milling machining, drilling, and thread tapping.
     · We also prepared the inspection jigs for quality control to make sure that the parts are good.

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