• Injection Mold
  • Project Features:
     · Part name: Filtration Cylinder
     · Part material: PPS+50% glass fiber material.
     · Part size: Dia56X654mm
     · Mold Cavity: 1
     · Slider: 4 sliders, 2 were acted by slider guide pins and another 2 dragged by oil cylinder
     · Insert steel: H13 (HRC48-52)
     · Mold size: 350X850X351mm (not including oil cylinder length)
     · Injection gate: directly sprue

    Main Challenges:
     · The PPS+50%GF material requires high molding temperature and needs a very good heating system for the mold.
     · The part inner thru hole is a diameter of 30mm and a length of 654mm, the slider molding for the inner hole needs to be worked
      very well and keep the good part quality.
     · Customer does not like the ejector mark on the external surface.

    Our Solutions:
     · Several layers of water lines were drilled to help the mold get enough heat during the molding, the mold was worked with
      two mold heaters together during the molding.
     · We made a special kiss-off structure for the two sliders kissing and enhanced the support in the two sliders' ends.
     · The mold was designed without ejector pins or ejector plates. The part was released by the core moving back, a similar principle as
      plate eject but in a different way. This makes the part molded without any ejector marks that satisfy customer requirements.
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