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Whether your project is a concept or a current project already in production, Eplastech offers any or all of its services and support to help you achieve your goals. Our highly skilled plastics and tooling designers and engineers will convoy with you through the entire process, from part design and prototyping to mold design and mold fabrication, and through final part approval and production. Eplastech specializes in value engineering and design for manufacturability also.

Mold Design
Eplastech takes a product from concept to production quickly, efficiently, and economically. We offer product design consulting to assure that your product design is optimized for cost and manufacturability. 3D mold drawings for every mold that we build will offer to customers for review and confirmation, also Moldflow analysis for the sophisticated part is available to assure the part can be molded efficiently without blemish or weakness.
Product Optimization   Mold Design     MoldFlow Analysis
Mold Fabrication
Eplastech manufactures custom design tools to many standards including DME, HASCO etc. With required by customers, Eplastech is feasible with specified mold components whether metric or inch for moldbase, core &cavity, ejector, sleeves, tool/die components, hot runner systems, hot sprue bushings, and temperature control system to ensure that interchangeable components are available at the tool final destination. Customer services will be consistent after the mold arrives at the customer production facilities.
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Eplastech offers different mold schemes for all stage projects from start-up to mass production which include:
※ Prototype Mold
For the initial market testing stage product, we can offer fast, cheap, and quality acceptable mold, customer gets the first batch sample for testing fast as the timing is always urgent for start-up projects. Our production range from a few shots sampling to thousand pieces with silicone tool, aluminum tool, and steel tool.

※ Production Mold
Always use reasonable insert steel with proper heat treatment and manufacture it strictly with standard mold manufacturing process to make sure the mold will work in expected quality, circle time, and mold life. All the small details will be checked with the customer for the production mold if the mold will going to be exported to the customer's house.

※ Local Production Mold
For customers who want only plastic products and need us to take care of the mold and molding works, it is also workable. For this kind of job, the mold will be made with our local Chinese standards to make the mold more suitable for our molding machine and friendly for operation, also saving cost for customers which could cheaper from 15% to 30% compared with the export molds, what is more, customers don't need to worry about mold maintenance, Eplastech will take care of the maintenance for the customer without extra charges.

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