• CNC Machining
  • CNC Machining:
     · Part name: Filtration upper cup
     · Part material: Nylon with 30% glass fiber
     · Part size: Dia260x242mm
     · Quantity: 1pcs
     · Surface: Polished

    Main challenges:
     · Part size is quite big, the nylon with glass fiber material cannot be glued, and the customer required no gluing also.
     · There are lots of undercut details inside. It is difficult to machine those details.
     · Very high risk in the machining process, no mistake is allowed in any step.

    Our Solution:
     · We ordered a special size one-piece block material for this part.
     · There are lots of special tools were prepared for cutting the undercut area
     · We simulated the machining with other materials before we cut the nylon with glass fiber material to familiarize the machining process.

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